ACT – Accessible College Transition

There is a new transition program NOARC has developed to assist Grade 12 students with learning exceptionalities in their transition to college/university. The new program is called ACT – Accessible College Transition. Although it says college in the title, it will prepare students with learning exceptionalities for college or university.

I’ve attached a flyer that I am hoping you will disseminate to the appropriate parties. The highlights of the flyer/program are:

– it is being offered at no cost
– if students complete the course, Cambrian College will recognize this by granting 3 GenEd credits that will be counted in their program should they attend Cambrian
– the program is designed for on-line completion and students work through it independently but with active guidance from a course moderator
– by the end of the course, students will have created a personal transition plan

The next run of this course starts on March 1st. Students are asked to register by Feb 19th.Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 10.01.10 AM



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