Community Outreach Program

To increase empathy and awareness regarding learning disabilities through
interactive workshops for students, parents, educators, and the community at large.

For Student Workshops

 For Student Workshops please email:

LD 101 for Little Learners (Gr. 1-3)
(30 min)

ld for little learners

Based on the Disney movies this workshop will provide students with an appreciation of their peers “who learn in a different way”, self-advocacy and positive messages about being unique.

Just Being Me (Gr. 1-3)

Toy Story 4

This presentation is approximately 30 minutes long for grades 1-3 and is themed around the Toy Story 4 movie. This presentation covers how to cope with change and how to recognize how change makes us feel.

LD 101 (Gr. 4-6)
(40 min)

LD 101

This presentation is designed to explain to newly identified students along with other students what a Learning Disability is, experience what it might be like and important tips on how to advocate for your learning.

Gr. 4-5 Social Skills for Success
(40 min)

Social Skills

This is an interactive and experiential workshop that provides students with advice and tips on how to handle different social situations. It touches on non-verbal communication, confrontation/resolution, respect and friendship.


Captain Underpants and the Legendary Life of an LD Learner
(Gr. 4-6) (45 mins)

Picture 3

This workshop educates children on what a Learning Disability is, what it’s like to have one and that we all learn differently.

Gr. 6 Victors of Transition
Transitioning to Grade 7
(45 min)


Based on the movie Hunger Games this workshop will provide the skills necessary to transition to grade 7. The presentation expands on self-advocacy, self-awareness and organization.

LD 101 – Intermediate (Gr. 7-8)
(45 min)


Explains to students what a Learning Disability is, what it may feel like and how we can appreciate that we all learn differently and that’s okay!

High School is Going to be a Slice
Transitioning to High School
(60 min)Pizza clipart

Utilizing pizza as a metaphor, this workshop has students identifying the different pieces of the education pie, between elementary and high school.


 Gr. 12 Step Up!
Self-Guided USB
(75 min)step upStep Up is our new program funded by the Parent Reaching Out grant that assists students in grade twelve with the transition from high school to post-secondary education. This workshop offers helpful tips for the high school level for choosing a post-secondary education path, essential steps to self-advocacy, the application process and knowing how the student learns. For students entering the post-secondary level, the workshop informs students about obtaining services through the accessibility department, time management and stress management skills to have a successful first year of post-secondary education.


For Community Workshops please


Motivation and Success
(45 min)


Parents will be introduced to the primary and secondary needs that drive motivation and impact success.

ABC’s of Special Education 
(75 min)


Parents will gain knowledge in interpreting the language presented in an IEP and how that IEP relates to their child’s success.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities
(50 min)


Participants learn what a learning disability is what it isn’t and get to experience some of the challenges individuals with learning disabilities may encounter.

  Understanding Learning Disabilities

(50 min)


Participants will be introduced to challenges students with learning disabilities may experience in the classroom and taking a closer look at strategies for success.

About LDAS

The Learning Disabilities Association of Sudbury is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to supporting all individuals with Learning Disabilities in reaching their potential, within a community that values their unique contributions and abilities.

Latest News

September 21, 2022

You are invited to join LDAS for a night of action at the Sudbury Wolves Game   When: Friday, October 14th 2022 Time: 7:05pm Where: Sudbury Community Arena   Tickets must be purchased through LDAS by October 7th, 2022. Your tickets will be waiting for you at Guest Services at game time.   Tickets: $12.00 each Find out more!

June 28, 2022

The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario offers a $1,000 scholarship award in memory of Roy V. Cooper, who volunteered for over 30 years as a board member of his local chapter in Ottawa, as a board member of LDAO and LDAC, and as a mentor to individuals with LD and/or their families in the areas Find out more!