General Feedback


Community Outreach Presentations 

“The LDAS student support programs offer interactive presentations that provide important information to our students and educators while keeping them engaged.  The information provided helps to increase the awareness of how our students learn differently and process information differently. These presentations also help dispel some of the fears of having to learn differently, reminding our students to focus on their capabilities and to advocate for themselves when difficulties arise. We all learn differently and thus differentiated instruction is beneficial to student success. We look forward to more of these presentations from the LDAS in the future.”


Resource Facilitator  

“Thank you sincerely for your time yesterday and for the resources. I know that the family will be very grateful.  These resources are wonderful.  I so appreciate you sending these forward.  It was a genuine pleasure connecting with you.”  Child and Community Resources, Regional Family Service Coordinator

“You have no idea what gift you gave me today. You have given me power at the most needed time. You also gave me hope when I barely had any left.  I’ve been going through so much lately and can’t seem to succeed at much. You not only gave me tools that apply to my children but for me and my current struggles.”


 Coaching Program with Laurentian University 

“My son, who dreads school, actually looks forward to his coaching sessions. He has never once complained about having to meet [his coach] and to us, that is a HUGE win!”, Parent 

“[my daughter] loved that they cover a variety of subjects whether reading or writing and loves how engaging her coach is. Her coach always reaches out prior to their sessions to see what [my daughter] is working on in class that she is having difficulty with so she can assist during the sessions.”, Parent 

“After initial resistance, my son had great success with his coach and said he couldn’t have made it through grade 9 without her.”, Parent

“I just wanted to reach out and make you aware of how much my daughter is benefiting from participating in this program.  If this partnership continued or expanded to include more struggling students, the impact on our youth would be profound.”, Parent 

“Over the years, they have provided resources and advice on how best to help my son, they have brought in amazing speakers who helped us to better understand what it means to have a learning disability and they started the mentorship program with Laurentian that my son has been doing for 3 years. Today, he is a confident and very happy 15 year old who is having a great time in his first year of high school.  I’m not sure what we would have done without LDAS and I hope other parents will never have to do without their invaluable help.”

ADHD Parent Education Program 

“I enjoyed each session, the presenter was well informed and prepared for each session.”, Parent 

“Clear directions, great follow up, great material.”, Parent 

“Very clear and informative direction on how to implement specific strategies”, Parent 

Assistive Technology Program 

“You were very thorough, I will certainly be using this information to guide my students use of the program.”, SCDSB Educator

“Well planned out presentation and I feel confident to start using Read&Write.”, SCDSB Educator

About LDAS

The Learning Disabilities Association of Sudbury is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to supporting all individuals with Learning Disabilities in reaching their potential, within a community that values their unique contributions and abilities.

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March 7, 2023

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January 25, 2023

TECHNOLOGY FOR LIFE – A series of virtual seminars in February 2023. Sign up for these FREE sessions today! Power to the Learner: Read & Write, Tues. Feb. 7, 2023, 6:30 p.m.Krissy Bouthillier, The Learning Disabilities Association of SudburyHow to use technology to help with writing, spelling, and editing. Technology for You (Gr 7-8), Find out more!